Regional/Rural Development

Moving Suriname seabob towards MSC certification

Working alongside private sector partners in Suriname and Belgium, and with the government of Suriname, provision of advice and mentoring over a five year period in developing and implementing a practical programme of improvements in fishery management, fishing practice, data collection, scientific research and new decision-making structures and protocols, leading to successful MSC certification of this semi-industrial scale developing country fishery.  The speed and extent of the changes

Irish islands' submission to the CFP review

Further to our work on the special position of fishing and fisheries in the long-standing and continuing sustainability of Ireland's gaelic speaking offshore islands, we were asked to put forward the case representing the fragility of these community / natural resources linkages and the need for a degree of formal recognition of this special status and its heritage implications.  Ireland's offshore island communities are not alone in this situation, with many other peripheral island communities dotted around the coastline of the European C

Terminal evaluation of large GEF / UNDP regional tuna management programme

Terminal evaluation of the Oceanic Fishery Management Project - as large (US$200M) regional programme of assistance to Pacific Island states focused on strengthening their capacity to improve monitoring and management of oceanic tuna stocks and fisheries against a backdrop of rising exploitation, and dominance of the fishery by the fleets of metropolitan countries. 

Monitoring and evaluation plan - regional tuna programme

Advice on the Monitoring and Evaluation requirements of the second regional Oceanic Fisheries Management Project for South Pacific Island countries - a project seeking to further strengthen island countries' capacities to meet their obligations under the Conservation and Management Measures agreed through the Western Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC), and to consolidate and extend innovative approaches to strengthening management of the region's important tuna fisheries and boosting the economic benefits that these island countries derive from these fisheries - in terms of both r