Shrimp farm feasibility study, Bangladesh

This project aimed to advise private sector clients on appropriate farming systems and production strategies in relation to a specific site in order to achieve company goals in supply efficiencies and quality control. Initial site visit taking soil and salinity samples plus interview with local residents. Modelling of costs associated with various production options based on local environmental conditions. Strategic assessment of development options followed by implementation plan.

Corporate social responsibility in international shrimp aquaculture

The objective was to examine appropriate mechanisms for encouraging more environmental and socially responsible shrimp production. The work was approached through a number of individual work packages: 1 A review of social and environmental issues and relevant national and international initiatives to promote and support responsible shrimp farming. 2 Capitalising on the CSR Agenda. 3 International Trade Agreement Assessment. 4 Structure and organisation of production and marketing in Bangladesh. 4a Socially and environmentally responsible shrimp farming in Bangladesh.