Profiling fishing and aquaculture support services

As part of a pan-European study into the role of support services to the fishing and aquaculture sectors, Nautilus is preparing a range of case studies to scope out the scale of economic contribution and employment in ancillary industries - vessel repair, harbour management, chandlery, fish auctions, equipment supply, net making, fish feeds, transport, etc..  The overall study covers the industry in fifteen countries across the EU, and seeks to sample the different structures and models that make up this diverse industry - from large to small-scale, vertically integrated to multi-layered systems, industrial scale to cottage industry, multi-national businesses to very local companies.  It is a study of great contrasts - not just between countries, but within a single country or indeed a region of that country.  Findings are intended to shine a light on a side of the fishery business that has been all too easily over-looked.