Mariculture development strategy, South Pacific

In a contract headed by Hambrey Consulting, Crick Carleton is collaborating with colleagues John Hambrey and Hugh Govan in an examination of mariculture development in the island countries of the South Pacific. The contract is with the SPC (Secretariat of the Pacific Communities), and is focused on taking a fresh look at regional entrepreneurship in aquaculture businesses - businesses ranging from husbanding and trading aquarium fish to cultivating black pearls, from shrimp culture to seaweed farming, from cultivating live coral and giant clam for marine aquaria to the potential for farming button shell, mother of pearl, and beche-de-mer.

Over the coming months visits will be made to various South Pacific island countries to meet with businessmen, community representatives and government officials. Work will focus on examining mechanisms for scaling up mariculture businesses, building the contribution of such businesses to sustainable livelihoods, and building government capacity to support such businesses. In a parallel exercise work will be undertaken to examine the regional and international markets for the products of these businesses, and to examine supply chain economics and logistics.