Food Certification International in management buyout

In 2005 Nautilus Consultants formed an alliance with Food Certification (Scotland) Ltd (FCS) and its international trading arm Food Certification International (FCI) to gain accreditation as a Certification Body under the Marine Stewardship Council standard for “well managed fisheries”. Since that time we have undertaken pre-assessments of five fisheries, and commenced full assessment of three fisheries, with a number of additional contracts expected to be awarded in coming months. To service this increasing workload we are pleased to welcome Melissa Macfadden to the ranks of FCI staff. Here she will hold special responsibility for managing and coordinating MSC assessment work.

In addition to this development, we also congratulate the staff of FCS in completing a management buyout from the Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation (SSPO). This will further strengthen the independence of FCS and enable it to diversify the inspection and certification services it offers across a broad range of standards relevant to the aquaculture, fisheries and seafood processing sectors.

It will also enable FCS to move into other sectors of the aquaculture, agriculture and food industries through both the provision of tailored product quality schemes as well as certification to other recognised standards, including the British Retail Consortium Global Food Standard, EurepGAP and Environmental Management Systems.

Martin Gill, FCS executive director, said: “This is great news for FCS and provides an excellent opportunity to really diversify our scope of operation. There is now a huge amount of interest from food producers from all sectors in achieving conformity with recognised standards and voluntary codes of good practice to satisfy both customer and consumer demand for provenance, sustainability and environmental responsibility.”

Currently in the process of becoming fully accredited as a certification body for the Marine Stewardship Council’s (MSC) standard for sustainable and well-managed fisheries, FCI is currently working with major Swedish fishing company Astrid Fiske AB and associated processing companies on their progress through full MSC assessment of the Swedish North Sea purse seine fishery.