Enhancing the contribution of fishing and seafood to regional economies

We are pleased to announce that Nautilus, in association with colleagues at the Edinburgh offices of Royal Haskoning, has been awarded the contract to profile the fisheries industry of the South East of England, and to advise industry, councils and the Regional Development Agency on how best to work to the particular strengths of the industry. What makes South East fish special is that it is great quality seafood caught by a fleet of small scale operators distributed across the many ports of the region and landed to shore on the same day the fish is caught - you can't get much fresher than that.

The study has been commissioned by the policy team at the South East Regional Development Agency (SEEDA) and will cover fisheries extending from Queenborough on the River Medway to Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight on the south coast. The study team brings together former Nautilus colleagues - Rod Cappell and Fiona Nimmo, now with Haskoning UK, and Crick Carleton of Nautilus. Rod is now Senior Consultant in the Environmental Section of Haskoning UK's Edinburgh office, and Fiona works alongside him as Environmental Scientist.

The study will look at ways to better present the high quality of the product caught and handled by the region's fishermen, how to improve marketing of this product on the continent, in the South East of England, and in the ports and harbours where the product is landed to, and how to sustain employment and increase the economic contribution of this vital component of the regional mix of food production