Welcome to Nautilus Consultants

Nautilus is an international firm of consultants, specialising in the economic, social, commercial and environmental aspects of natural resource use. By combining skills in management sciences, economics and environmental sciences, we are able to offer a unique interdisciplinary service. Our independent and informed approach allows our clients, ranging from multilateral agencies to individual businesses, to have confidence in the advice and strategic analysis we offer.

The company provides services in the following areas:

  • Fishery / aquatic sector policy, planning and management:  Development, appraisal and evaluation of fishery / aquatic sector policies, management plans, and implementation ranging from stock management and harvest control rules, through to environmental impacts, zonation of fishing activities, fleet development, fishing quota systems, post-harvest systems, markets and marketing, decision-making systems and institutions
  • Public-private development planning:  Programme / project identification, preparation, monitoring and evaluation; economic appraisals; industry studies; funding applications
  • Business planning and commercial services:  Business planning, feasibility studies, strategy development, techno-economic assessments, market / demand assessments and competitor analysis
  • Environmental economics and valuation:  Strategic environmental assessments, sustainable development audits, valuation of ecosystem services, and monetisation of impacts of development on the natural environment;
  • Community, co-management and local democracy:  Mapping socio-economics of communities and industries, exploring the socio-economics of resource use and economic development, assessing the socio-economic impacts of policy and planning options, assessing the influences of socio-economics on community and business related decision-making.

A searchable register of projects is listed under Projects & Services, organised by headline categories of:

This can be searched on the basis of sub-category, date and geographic area.