Value / Supply Chain

Seafood trade, marketing and quality

Nautilus recognises that improving efficiency and quality in the seafood value chain is key to ensuring maximum returns and equitable division of profit. Codes of practise for fish storage and handling, both on board and ashore, ship to shore communications and electronic auctions have all contributed to improvements in efficiency, quality and hygiene. Nautilus continues to be closely involved with initiatives to promote best practise in the seafood market chain, supported by appropriate marketing to reap benefits at all levels of the value chain.

Standards, traceability and certification

Our experience in evaluation and knowledge of a wide range of natural resource issues makes Nautilus ideally suited to assess and design operating codes and standards of best practice. The company has developed codes, either voluntary or compulsory, in a variety of sectors. These codes recognise the practical realities that constrain a work force, but seek to work within these to enhance safety, product quality and environmental quality, in pursuit of long term sustainable profits.

Fish processing and distribution

Nautilus has a detailed understanding of the UK and international processing industry. This understanding stretches from the supply side efficiencies to EU statutory processing requirements and from identification of funding opportunities to assessment of investment in processing infrastructure. Studies have also examined improving waste efficiencies, such as feasibility assessments of by-product recycling and re-use. Distribution of fish is also a substantial cost and key determinant of business viability within an increasingly global seafood commodity market. The company has led several projects highlighting the commercial opportunities and benefits from improved distribution efficiency.