Sustainable Development Planning

Regional / Rural Development

Our analysis incorporates the social, economic and environmental consequences of past and future changes and we offer advice for development, sustainability and expansion. The company has long experience of rural development, sensitive to the needs and aspirations of local communities both at home and abroad. This enables sustainable progress to be managed with appropriate sensitivity, safeguarding livelihoods through pro-poor approaches to poverty alleviation.

Economic & Environmental Valuation

Nautilus is at the forefront of developing, testing and using techniques to value and communicate social, economic and environmental costs and benefits to allow their inclusion in qualitative and quantitative environmental and development appraisals. We take a participatory approach to environmental management and value the input of all those involved in the management, use and enjoyment of natural resources.

Tourism & Leisure

Nautilus have undertaken a variety of projects relating to a wide range of aspects of sustainable tourism and leisure. These projects have explored appropriate economic valuation of tourism and leisure and the need for an appropriate recognition of natural and environmental value in sustainable tourism planning.