Strategic Economic / Community Development

Infrastructure Development & Management

Nautilus have undertaken a number of studies looking at infrastructure development, appropriate to needs of local situations. This has often been in the context of port development, and the identification of infrastructure solutions which are appropriate to present and projected future local needs. Nautilus recognise the contribution that detailed consultation and even consensus building can play to a successful infrastructure development project.

Business development

At Nautilus, we believe in the practical application of sustainable development to businesses, communities and the environment. We are able to offer a range of business and development services to private companies and regional, national and international agencies. We have proven skills in identifying investment and market opportunities and our experience of fisheries, ports, agriculture and the food industry enables us to provide objective and informed advice based on up-to-date knowledge. Nautilus, with its techno-economic background, has the capacity to undertake socio-economic appraisals giving merit to the business, social, political and environmental dimensions of the case.

Feasibility / Economic Appraisal

We undertake feasibility studies, market analyses, and economic appraisals, formulate business and marketing development strategies and identify alternate sources of funding and development assistance. The company’s long experience in areas of sustainable natural resource exploitation, enables feasibility studies to be accurately informed by historical trends and informed projections of future policy developments and resource constraints. In this way, appraisals remain bound to practical and economic reality.