Rural Development Planning

Policy & Planning

Nautilus offers policy advice and strategic planning services on every scale from small business to international government. Our long-term global experience enables us to anticipate future policy trends and their consequences. We are able to provide in-depth evaluation the impacts of policies and management decisions on natural resources, businesses, communities and the environment. We also have a proven track record in the design of appropriate and innovative policy for resource managers.

Development Programming

Nautilus has wide experience in assessing development requirements against a range of policy objectives, balancing, for example, economic growth with community and welfare needs. The company regularly assists regional government and economic development agencies to draw up development programmes, design programme delivery systems and identify programme funding. At national and international levels the company regularly participates in sector studies on behalf of bi-lateral and multi-lateral development agencies, and provides senior programmers and fund-holders with the necessary information to allow them to allocate scarce resources in the most productive and cost-effective manner.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Nautilus has undertaken a wide range evaluation work of projects and programmes, ranging from co-ordinated international teams evaluating long term structural funding programmes to examinations of local boundaries to uptake of funding. The company has experience in ex-ante, mid-term, ex-post and post evaluations of policy, programmes and projects, and in the undertaking of thematic evaluations. This experience covers the design and implementation of project / programme monitoring systems, and the use (and abuse) of framework planning systems. The company and its staff have the experience to provide informed, impartial, independent and objective assessments, to offer re-focusing advice to project and programme managers, and to undertake value for money assessments on behalf of funding agencies.