Nick Pfeiffer, Associate Consultant

Nick Pfeifferfishery industry and aquaculture development planning - coastal resource management specialist - special talents in marine environment surveying, assessment of MCZs, practical dimensions of fishing and aquaculture and fishing gear impacts

Nick combines academic training in the marine environment with the practices of fishing and management of aquaculture production units. He is a fishing gear technologist and accomplished scuba diver - combining the operation of a popular high season diver centre in Galway Bay with marine survey work associated with preparation and management of Marine Protected Areas, and the environmental assessment of fish farms.

He has worked with Nautilus on a wide range of projects - in Ireland, and further afield - and headed up the company's Irish office. He now combines work with Nautilus with environmental assessment work as an independent consultant, and as a gear and environmental assessor for Marine Stewardship Council assessments.

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