Natural Resource Management

Aquaculture Development

Nautilus has long experience in the field of aquaculture, both tropical and temperate. The company has a strong technical background in all aspects of aquaculture and has applied this knowledge to business development and feasibility studies, environmental management and monitoring, as well as development of best practise guidelines. Since the company’s first involvement with aquaculture Nautilus has advocated sustainable production techniques, remaining well within local carrying capacity. Nautilus continues to be a progressive voice in the on-going global aquaculture debate.

Fisheries Management

Nautilus has a wealth of fishery expertise and fishery management knowledge. This detailed sectoral understanding has been applied to a wide variety of projects in all parts of the world for over the last 25 years. Nautilus recognises the importance of the economic dimension in governing fleet activity ensuring sustainable exploitation of finite stocks. Fishery projects undertaken by the company often require multi-disciplinary skills to capture the interactions with marketing, process efficiency, socio-economics and wider conservation targets.

Biodiversity & Conservation

Nautilus has a growing portfolio of projects in the area of biodiversity and conservation. The company’s long experience in sustainable resource use has highlighted the need for clear recognition of real-world practicalities in pursuit of conservation goals. This approach has enabled the company to succeed, where in the past others have failed, in bringing a variety of parties together and facilitating increased buy-in to conservation initiatives. The company is well informed on national and international obligations and statutory responsibilities relating to nature conservation, precaution and sustainability and this underpins the work of the company in all areas.