"Low Impact Fishing and CFP reform", 2012

In the run-up to reform of the Common Fisheries Policy - due to enter into force end 2013 / early 2014 - Nautilus was commissioned by the environmental NGO "Seas at Risk" to prepare a report on how the draft reform package could be strengthened to both encourage better / best practice in reducing the environmental impacts of fishing, and ensure equitable access to fish resources.  The work further developed the logic behind various components of the reform proposals, identifying weaknesses and where and how particular proposals could be strengthened to deliver better environmental and fishery outcomes.  It did this drawing on a wide range of existing evidence and case study material, and using the considerable experience of Nautilus in relation to fisheries management, sustainable fisheries assessment, and familiarity with the Common Fisheries Policy built up through its work since the inception of the CFP.

Preliminary findings of the work were presented at a lunchtime seminar held in the European Parliament in Brussels, hosted by MEPs Anna Rosbach, Isabella Lövin and Christofer Fjellner, and addressed by Commissioner Damanaki.  The final report was presented to another seminar dealing with restructuring of the management of Baltic Fisheries in late 2012, and it is rewarding to see that some of the ideas addressed in the report have found their way into the discussions on CFP reform, and in some cases can be found within the revised text. 

The report can be downloaded here.