The Future of Sea Fisheries in Dumfries and Galloway

This study develops a profile of commercial fishing, seafood processing and recreational sea fishing in Dumfries and Galloway, in the south west of Scotland, bordering the Solway Firth and the southern tip of the Firth of Clyde.  The study focuses on identifying the scale, composition, and contribution of this sector to the local economy. 

It provides descriptions of the different layers of the industry and how these each sit within their socio-economic context.  The main fishery elements relate to king and queen scallop fishing, cockling, and crab and lobster creeling.  Post-harvest industries include large scale scampi, scallop, salmon and seafood recipe dish processing, and smaller scale smoke houses and seafood wholesale and retail distribution.  Other activities include vessel ownership, marine engineering, and the various dimensions of sea angling the crab.  Underpinning these are the long traditions of seafaring and seafishing in the area, the varied and high quality marine and coastal environment, and the many and diverse communities that characterise this coastline and draw in year round tourism.

Building on this base description of the sector and interviews with the main stakeholders in the area, the study goes on to identify development opportunities and to explore strategies for their realisation.

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