Dr Paul Medley, Associate Consultant

Dr Paul Medleyfishery / marine populations analyst - stock assessment and fishery management specialist - special talents in modelling, simulations and innovative approaches to improving practical management of fisheries

An experienced stock assessment specialist, he combines analysis and evaluation of more conventional approaches to stock assessment with innovation in exploring how alternate, risk-based, approaches can both complement more in-depth assessments and better communicate the outcomes of interaction between fishing, fishing rules, and stock management. Latterly he has focused his attention on smaller-scale fisheries and how these can be realistically and cost-effectively brought into the realm of adaptive science-based management. He has worked in most parts of the world, and on most fish types and stock sizes – and has long-term commitment to bringing about significant improvements in fisheries management in the Caribbean; a process he is now transposing to fisheries in the UK and West Africa.

For many years he has been working with the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) in the development of their assessment methodologies and how they can be applied consistently to both large and small scale fisheries. He has also undertaken more Principle 1: stock management assessments than anyone else. Working with Crick, Tristan and Nick, he is pivotal in bringing stock assessment expertise to the task of preparing fisheries to the point where they can realistically consider entering full assessment to the MSC eco-labelling standard.

Paul works as an independent consultant on projects ranging from the development and writing of new statistical software programs to helping managers and fishermen better understand how they can use information they already collect to improve planning and profitability.

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