Dr John Hambrey, Associate Consultant

Dr John HambreyNR / marine / fishery strategy and policy advisor - natural resource economist - special talents in inter-disciplinary work, particularly in interactions of public and private actions on the environment / ecosystems.

John is another inter-disciplinary and systems specialist, focusing on people / ecosystem interactions, and the design and deployment of “participatory-adaptive planning and management” systems. With wide international experience, and an historical focus on the social and environmental dimensions of freshwater and marine aquaculture, he is regularly called upon to advise on marine and coastal zone policy and planning – notably in policy and governance, and livelihoods and applied management perspectives.

John holds a first degree in natural sciences from the University of Cambridge, and is another graduate of the Stirling University Technological Economics Masters Programme, going on the complete a doctorate on the economics of warm water aquaculture. Highly regarded for his acute analysis and his sound handling of the typically competing interests of managers, producers, scientists and the general public, he pursues his long association with the Asia-Pacific region in parallel with the challenges of integrated NR management in the UK and Europe, and consolidation of practice under the auspices of the UN.

He has a long association with Nautilus Consultants, as a former director and senior consultant. He is managing director of Hambrey Consulting, and the two companies collaborate on projects on a regular basis.

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