Corporate social responsibility in international shrimp aquaculture

The objective was to examine appropriate mechanisms for encouraging more environmental and socially responsible shrimp production. The work was approached through a number of individual work packages: 1 A review of social and environmental issues and relevant national and international initiatives to promote and support responsible shrimp farming. 2 Capitalising on the CSR Agenda. 3 International Trade Agreement Assessment. 4 Structure and organisation of production and marketing in Bangladesh. 4a Socially and environmentally responsible shrimp farming in Bangladesh. 5 International markets for shrimp. 6 The potential for a social and environmental premium on shrimp. 7 Synthesis report (following team workshop discussing individual working papers). The team concluded that, although environmental and social responsibilities are now a consideration for companies and some consumers, development agency is necessary at a number of levels to facilitate equitable trade with economies in the South and better ensure sustainable aquaculture development.

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