About Us

Established in 1979, Nautilus Consultants has consistently provided practical strategic advice to natural resource users, managers and planners. The company has been a long-term proponent of sustainable development (long before this term entered into common usage), taking an interdisciplinary and integrated approach to development problems. Nautilus sets itself apart by providing bridging services between natural resource, environmental, economic, commercial and socio-political interests.

Over 400 assignments and global footprint: Over the years its small group of Nautilus technical specialists, each drawing on training in two or more disciplines, has worked to bring about more resilient and sustainable futures than unquestioning and unconstrained pursuit of profit alone could achieve. Clients have ranged from the World Bank to fishermen’s organisations and private companies, from the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN to national governments and local councils.

Across its existence, Nautilus has completed over 400 commercial consultancy assignments involving work in over 90 countries around the globe. Former staff members have gone on to take leadership roles in the worlds of marine conservation and fisheries and natural resource consultancy, and continue to guide and inform productive, resilient and sustainable natural resource management through advocacy and application of the precepts of sustainable development. The company’s strapline remains working to demonstrate that valuing nature, consideration for others, capturing best practice and running profitable businesses are compatible, and together create sustainable futures”. 

Nautilus once again a one-man business: Today Nautilus has slimmed down to once again a one-man business, drawing in other expertise as required. Crick Carleton now divides his time between consultancy and applying his skills closer to home supporting community projects and promoting local empowerment. Given that it is hard to give up the “fish” world he has worked in most of his life Crick continues to contribute to strategy and policy thinking as the sector continues to adapt and evolve to the times. Continuing involvement is focused on Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs), programme and project evaluations, and advising on the fascinating world of fish quotas, fish auctions, and seafood markets. His advice continues to be sought on the many strategic issues that face businesses and governments in the complex and ever changing realms of fisheries management and the international seafood trade.