UK & Ireland

UK Sustainable Fisheries Inshore Pilot project

Review of the management of 26 different small-scale inshore fisheries, using the MSC assessment methodology as an audit tool, to identify strengths and weaknesses, draw up a suitable R&D programme and demonstrate how to bring overall and specific fisheries management within the scope of MSC certification.  This pilot was subsequently used as the model for the roll-out of management improvement programmes in each of the ten new Inshore Fisheries Conservation Authorities (IFCAs), estab

Irish islands' submission to the CFP review

Further to our work on the special position of fishing and fisheries in the long-standing and continuing sustainability of Ireland's gaelic speaking offshore islands, we were asked to put forward the case representing the fragility of these community / natural resources linkages and the need for a degree of formal recognition of this special status and its heritage implications.  Ireland's offshore island communities are not alone in this situation, with many other peripheral island communities dotted around the coastline of the European C

Trout farm investment appraisal

The survey found the farm to have considerable potential for growth of rainbow and brown trout. An excellent water supply and good husbandry practices had ensured long-term disease-free production for many years. Good site characteristics and production and grow-out pool lay-out suggested further potential for a more ambitious project, although the report also highlighted potential threats that should be over-come through alterations in site design.