UK fish quota trading

Access to fishing grounds and fish quota are very much in the UK news at present, as the various UK political interests vie to make political capital of what could or could not be achieved by the UK leaving the European Union. What is promised and what will be achieved will hopefully be resolved in the near future, but it doesn't get around the fact that the UK is and will remain in charge of and responsible for how it allocates quota across UK fishing interests. How it does this has changed significantly over the last twenty years, and these processes of change will continue to encourage reflection and incorporation of alterations in economics, resource availability, ownership structure and fishery management. At the point where the signfiicant policy shifts written into the last revision of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) take full effect - notably full implementation of the Landing Obligation - Defra has commissioned a review of the UK Fish Quota Trading System. Crick is working with a group headed by MRAG to review and explore future evolution of the current systems.